Current Progress – VOLUME 3 – Last updated 11/19/16

Biblia v3: Miss Shioriko and the Lasting Bonds – Progress: 35%
Tsukumodo Antique Shop v5 – Progress: 57%

Welcome to “Antiquarian Bookshop Biblia’s Case Files”! Translated by erebea, updates every once in a while.

Hey, guys! My name’s hikaslap, and I’m happy to introduce to you our translation of Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou, or Antiquarian Bookshop Biblia’s Case Files, by En Mikami. erebea, your wonderful translator, graduated from our first ND Academy program in 2015. As for the book itself, well, the titular Biblia is a bookstore run by one Shinokawa Shioriko. But “Case Files?” What does that mean?

This is a mystery novel. There are mysteries and puzzles to solve in every chapter – but we don’t solve crimes here. With Shioriko’s help, we solve mysteries about books, and especially mysteries about the people who own them or used to, because you see, Biblia is also a book about books. Love for literature is enshrined in every page – whether it be Natsume Soseki’s books or A Clockwork Orange. (But mostly Japanese literature.) Why don’t you come into the bookstore and see what Shioriko can do for you?

If you like this story, make sure you’re grateful to Mikami-sensei first of all. But then you can also be thankful to Erebea for his hard work – it is certainly a learning experience for him.

-hikaslap, Biblia supervisor

PS. We didn’t translate Volume 1; Erebea only started at Volume 2. It was translated by TehPing at However, the version you’re reading here has had rather extensive edits made by me, Erebea, and Zanzaroo, making it an ND-Ping collaboration!

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Biblia volume 3, chapter 2 is ~30% done. The chapter should be completed late March/early April.

But this isn’t about that. Join the nanodesu discord server! It’s so fun that you’ll never want to leave….not that anyone is permitted to escape. So join and introduce yourself; you’ll be sure to get a nice welcome (probably)


Tsukumodo v3 chapter 2 complete – February Update

I’ll keep this one brief since I’m a bit short on time right now.

Tsukumodo volume 5 chapter 2 is now complete. Read the new chapter here.

I’m planning on doing Biblia chapters 2 and 3 next. Tsukumodo will be put on hold until I’m done with with the volume.

Lemme know if you find any mistakes/formatting issues. Thanks for reading!




Biblia v3 chapter 1 complete – January Update

Couple things.

1. Biblia v3. chapter 1 has been uploaded. Read it here

2. Tsukumodo volume 2, chapter 1 has been edited. I also posted the next segment of chapter 2. Read that here.

3. Translation for Tsukumodo v5c2 is ~50% done. It should be complete by late February/early March. Once that’s over, it’s back to Biblia.

Huge thanks to Ayumi for editing everything so quickly. There was definitely a lot to go through.

Make sure to leave comments on chapters. I really like hearing what people think about the story 😀


December Update

Happy New Year, all.

Quick status update.

  1. Volume 3, chapter 1 has been fully translated. The entire chapter still needs to be edited so it’ll still be a couple weeks until it gets posted here.
  2. Volume 1 editing is in its last stages. That should definitely be done by the end of this month. Apologies for taking so long; this ended up being way more work than any of us expected.
  3. Tsukumodo volume 5, chapter 2 will be translated next. I don’t know when that will be complete.


November Update

Ello again.

Way more people ended up seeing Tsukumodo than I expected. It ended up getting 3x more views than Biblia in fact…not sure how to feel about that actually. It’s to the point where I’m kind of considering alternating chapters between Tsukumodo and Biblia; I’ll make a final decision later though.

Lots of behind the scenes work this month.

1. Volume 1, chapters 1-3 are now fully edited and have been posted. This was a joint effort between Hika, Zanza, and I. We basically completely overhauled the old translation, so hopefully you’ll find the updated versions a lot nicer. I’m still working on chapter 4, but can’t say when that’ll be done. It’s a lot of boring, grueling work. Trust me.

2. The rough draft for volume 3 chapter 1 is about 30% done. It still needs to be proofread and edited so that’ll take some time.

3. I finished reading volume 5 of Tsukumodo. It’s very exciting if not a little…strange. I’ll translate it from time to time when I get tired of Biblia.


October update

Couple things this month.

1. I’ve started translating Tsukumodo Antique Shop starting from volume 5. I’m only doing it as a side project and as such, it will be translated at a much slower rate than Biblia. Expect 1 chapter of Tsukumodo for every volume of Biblia.

  • Read the first four volumes, translated by Eusth, here.
  • Click here to start from volume 5.

2. Editing for volume 2 is now complete. Volume 1 will be done by the end of the month, and the ebook versions should be ready shortly after that.

3. I’ll start working on volume 3 of Biblia in the next few weeks. However, this time I will be making releases one full chapter at a time, since breaking it into parts doesn’t really make sense for the series. Expect chapter 1 to be out by late January/early February assuming nothing goes horribly wrong.

4. If you’re looking for something else to read, check out blastron’s incredible translation of Ascendence of a Bookworm. It’s a really fun series that I’d recommend everyone check out.




September Update

Nothing particularly important.

1. I’ve edited and consolidated all of v2.ch1 into a single page. Gonna start chapter 2 soonish. Progress is slow, but I’m pretty much working on this only in my spare time.

2. I’ve started translating a side project that may eventually be posted alongside Biblia. It probably won’t be complete until end of October though. Look forward to it.