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I’ve kept everyone waiting.

I mean that literally. This volume took quite some time, so I wanted to apologize to all the readers that had to wait.

But despite all that, it’s here, Tsukumodo Antique Shop volume 6. It was a real struggle, but in the end what matters is that the book was able to make it to the readers.

As with previous volumes, this one was split into four chapters, but since the stories are all connected, I recommend starting from chapter one and continuing from there.

With that out of the way, let me introduce and talk about the chapters a little, as has become custom.


The dolls that Saki is posing with on the cover, the Switching Dolls, are the theme for this chapter.  Usually Takeshi-san presents several illustrations and the editor and I choose from one of them. This particular illustration of Saki and the dolls was strange in just the right way and was a one-hit-KO with me.

Takeshi-san also brings in multiple designs for Saki’s outfits, and each and every one of those rough sketches are safeguarded in my treasured items folder. Consider it an author’s special privilege


There are some authors who put on music while they work, and some who do not. As for me, I prefer listening to music when I work at home. I’m not exactly particular about which songs I play, but I like to have energetic music for fight scenes, and calm music for serious scenes, and so on. It feels like I make faster progress when the music fits the scene.

Incidentally, I wonder what kind of music suits Tsukumodo? One would think the author himself would know the answer to that right?


The future is something that cannot be predicted. For example, there probably wasn’t anyone who could have predicted that Tsukumodo would last this long (laugh). Even I as the author had about twenty Relics prepared for the plot, and would have never even in my dreams thought that they wouldn’t be enough.


This is the chapter depicting Tokiya and Saki’s meeting. It’s not a lighthearted story this time, but I hope everyone finds it enjoyable. story like usual.

And now to the main point.
Tsukumodo heading into its climax, and volume 7 will be the last. Please look forward to seeing what paths Tokiya, Saki, and Tokwako-san take.

Finally, and as always, I want to express my gratitude.
First, to my editor Takabayashi-san, who’s always helping me out. Next, to Takeshi Masatoshi-san, as well as everyone who expended the utmost effort to get this book published. And finally and most importantly, all the people who read my work.

It was only thanks to everyone’s efforts that I was able to get this far. I’d overjoyed if you could accompany me for just a little longer.

Let us meet again next time, in the final volume of Tsukumodo Antique Shop.

Odou Akihiko

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