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This was the second volume!

One more time: This was the second volume!

I didn’t know whether I could release the continuation, but it all went nicely. This is also because of the support of my readers. Thank you.

Excuse the late introduction, I’m Akihiko Odou.

Did you like the second volume of Tsukumodo Antique Shop?

As the first book, it consists of four short stories that are all about the mysterious Relics. Needless to say, the Tsukumodo crew—Tokiya, Saki and Towako—are the protagonists again!

Well then, a few comments on the chapters like I did last time.


A mirror that produces absolute silence in the area reflected in it. A music composer who is fighting with noise learns about that mirror and asks to borrow it from Tokiya and the others. They agree because of a certain reason…

I can’t concentrate when it’s too noisy, but I feel uncomfortable when it’s too silent. Seems like I have become pretty fussy. But back when I wrote the book that got me a price, I didn’t really mind the noise and wrote a great deal in a restaurant…


A mask that creates a perfect copy of the user in every respect when put on a puppet. Upon hearing from Towako that someone in his class has obtained this mask, he observes how a certain classmate of his changes bit by bit…

Have you ever thought about how it would be like if there was a second you? I sure have. Since when I was a child. Everything would be way easier that way, after all! But considering that I’m using this idea in a story now, I haven’t grown up inside, have I… ew…

Eyes of Death

A pair of glasses that let you peek into someone’s eyes. A woman who takes to peeking into others’ lives through their eyes looks into the eyes of an accident victim and finds out about an abnormal fetish she has. One day, she looks into Tokiya’s “eye”…

The first thing I look at when seeing someone of the opposite sex are the eyes. No, that’s a lie. I can’t think of anything to write here.


A camera that makes photos of a certain point of time in the future. After accidentally using it, Saki discovers something horrifying… Please read the chapter if you’re interested in how the make-up in the title and that camera play together. Well, I guess it kind of figures, doesn’t it?

The first time I put on make-up was in middle-school. …Ah, but that was just a little joke by the campfire. I’m not into this sort of thing!

Okay, here comes the acknowledgment like always.

I would like to offer my thanks to Takabayashi-san, my great editor in charge, to Takeshima Satoshi, who has drawn those splendid illustration, to everyone who has helped making this book true, and last but not least, to my dear readers.

Thank you so much.

I hope to see you again.
Akihiko Odou

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