Antiquarian Bookshop Biblia’s Case Files

Volumes 1-4:  PDF / epub

Tsukumodo Antique Shop

Volumes 1-5:  epub

9 thoughts on “ebooks

  1. Thank you for everything! Really got into the Antique shop one, had no idea there was another series by the same author. All the links seem to be working except for Vol. 4 epub so please fix! Also don’t see a Vol. 5 for Antique shop even though its all translated, please too! Thanks so much for all your hard work!


    • Just to clarify, Biblia and Tsukumodo have two different authors. I just post both of them here because it’s convenient.

      I’ll make a note to fix the Tsukumodo ebooks later this weekend.

      Thanks for reading!


      • Wow thanks for the quick reply and giving me the ray of hope that they will all be up eventually! Just Vol. 4 of Biblia is down keeps forwarding me to repair link or something. Hadn’t noticed Tsukumodo was missing haha.

        Thanks for the clarification as well, it certainly is convenient both of which are awesome reads.

        I look forward to reading any remaining volumes of either series that you guys will be translating!


      • I couldn’t figure out how to fix that repair link thing, so I ended up moving the ebooks off of mediafire altogether. The new links should work.

        Let me know if you run into problems with it.


  2. I can vouch the links are all updated and work great! Thanks for even putting up Vol. 5 Tsukumodo! Again yours and the team’s efforts are wholeheartedly appreciated for the effort and amount of work you guys put into this! Thank you!


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