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As I’ve also written before, many of the books and locations, among other things that appear in this series are real. There were some imaginary elements included due to the story direction and various other circumstances, but the timeline also more or less conforms to reality.

Our protagonist began working at Biblia in the summer of 2010.  Time marched on during this third volume; we went past the end of the year  and saw the volume come to a close in March of 2011.

The first volume of this series first appeared on shelves in March of 2011, and this volume went on sale in June of 2012, so there is something of a gap with reality.

What I want to say is, sometimes discrepancies are born between the events in the novel and the events in real life.

For example, there was a case in the first volume where it was mentioned that only books published by Shincho Paperback had book cords. The truth is, however, that wasn’t the only version with the book cord; the Seikaisha version published in 2011 also came with one.

For another, in the series, UTOPIA: The Final World War by Fujiko F. Fujio was described as an illusionary book that few had ever read, but Shogakukan Creative currently publishes a reprinted edition in the same format as the original. I’ve also been told there are plans to have it included in The Complete Works of Fujiko F. Fujio.

While I believe discrepancies like this are inevitable, it makes me happy to see books that were previously unavailable new are now being republished.

That said, I’m sure there will always be things that I’ve misunderstood beyond temporal discrepancies, so I still make sure to research and check everything to the best of my ability.

This time, I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude to the Kanagawa Prefecture Vintage Books Association for their assistance in gathering information. And then to Fukuda-kun, who really was a great help. Next time is on me.

I’ve already decided on which authors will appear in the fourth volume, and was reading research  materials as I wrote volume three. It’s deeply interesting and the more I research, the more I want to know. It’s a shame that I won’t be able to include everything I’ve learned in the upcoming volume.

I expect it ill be released sometime in the winter.

It would be an honor to see you again in the next volume.

-Mikami En

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